Which 80's Cartoon are you?

You will be surprised!

Which 80's Cartoon are you?

  1. You got: He-Man

    You have the ability to be a leader and therefore, the power is yours!

  2. You got: Michelangelo

    You are funny and love PIZZA!

  3. You got: Lion-O

    Lord of the Thudercats, is not as he appears. Although your body is fully developed, your mind is that of a child. With the Sword of Omens and enchanted claw shield at your side you have powers that rival those of all the Thundercats. 

  4. You got: Scrooge MCDuck

    You have alot of wisdom and love to have money!

  5. You got: Garfield

    You love 2 things, LASAGNA AND SLEEP!

  6. You got: Inspector Gadget

    You try to be the problem solver, however, you might need help at times. Your intentions are good, but your knowledge lacks a little .

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