Someone left a pig head with a dead fish lying across it outside Burger King - next to some cans

Customers left bemused by strange juxtaposition of dead animals and booze with many thinking it was protesting the sale of meat


pig's head was left on the pavement outside (Photo: BPM MEDIA WALES)

Shoppers in Cardiff were baffled when a pig's head was left on the pavement outside a branch of Burger King.

The head was left outside the fast food chain in St John's Street on Saturday afternoon with - in equally confusing fashion - a dead fish placed on top of it, reports WalesOnline.

Many passers-by assumed someone had been protesting against the store's sale of meat.

But according to a Burger King employee, a person - possibly someone living on the street - was spotted with the head.

It has been suggested he was using the head to 'keep people away from him.'

The head, and fish, were last seen outside the food store with some cans.

Less than an hour later the items had been removed from the area.

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