Flertbox® becoming the new Facebook for single flerters!

Now singles can meet without the facebook drama!


Flertbox® www.flertbox.com

Now singles can meet and video chat without the Facebook drama! Packed with awesome features making meeting new singles as fun as it should be!

Flertbox® Search Flerters

Flertbox® Search Flerters www.flertbox.com

Searching for flerters is simple and very clean! The interface is so detailed and organized. You can like flerters directly from the search engine without having to go to their profile.

Flertbox® Check out your fans

Flertbox® Check out your fans www.flertbox.com

Get a list of all your fans, matches, visitors and people you like! Chat with your flerter directly from your list.

Flertbox® Matches

Flertbox® Matches www.flertbox.com

Check out your matches!

Flertbox® Profile

Flertbox® Profile www.flertbox.com

Take control of your profile! Upload public and private photos, edit all your information anytime.

Flertbox® Flerter profile

Flertbox® Flerter profile www.flertbox.com

View others profiles and interact with them!

Flertbox® Chat

Flertbox® Chat www.flertbox.com

Use the chat to interact with your flerter! Send gifts, photos, video chat, and more!

Flertbox® Video chat

Flertbox® Video chat www.flertbox.com

Call your flerter anytime they are online! You can video chat or just audio chat, it's up to you!

Flertbox® Blind date

Flertbox® Blind date www.flertbox.com

Blind date is a new addition for those who would rather meet the old fashion way! No photos, no profiles, just text chat and let the sparks begin!

Flertbox® Blind date Searching

Flertbox® Blind date Searching www.flertbox.com

Blind date will automatically search for a flerter to connect you with.

Flertbox® Blind date chat

Flertbox® Blind date chat www.flertbox.com

Once connected, the chat starts between you and your blind date. 

Flertbox® Mybox

Flertbox® Mybox www.flertbox.com

Mybox is another new addition that allows flerters to ask and answer questions both public or anonymous. This feature is great for those who would like to break the ice by asking a personal question but does not dare, well now they can ask anything anonymously.  

Flertbox® Mybox Ranks

Flertbox® Mybox Ranks www.flertbox.com

Make your way to the top rank position by asking and answering questions. The more you ask and answer, the higher you rank! Use points to buy gifts for that special flerter!

Flertbox® Mybox profiles

Flertbox® Mybox profiles www.flertbox.com

View flerters Mybox profiles and ask them questions either publicly or anonymously! Find out what they like and dont! Get the upper hand on making them fall for you!  You can also Send them gifts!


Flertbox® www.flertbox.com


Flertbox® www.flertbox.com

Check it out! 


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