Facebook In Real Life: Politics

“Do you hear what KILLary Clinton did? You see what I did there?”

Michael Warbux
YouTube Content Creator - Pop Culture & WWE News & Other DIY Stuff

Let’s be honest for a moment. You have people on your Facebook feed that won’t shut up about Hillary Clinton or about Donald Trump. Hell, even I have those people on my Facebook feed. It’s annoying. VERY annoying. Heaven forbid you state your opinion without being burnt at the stake.

To those of you that are lucky enough to NOT have to deal with this, comedian Jason Horton has put together a video showing you what the rest of the people in the world are dealing with on a daily basis.

Is it really this exaggerated? Nope. Not one bit. If you’re a part of the 1 percent that doesn’t see this, consider yourself lucky. Also, Bernie Sanders would probably want to have a word with you.

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