Don't miss our Adult Exclusive Live Show "Just 4 Grown Up's" with host Kino Colvera!

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Just 4 Grown Up's With Kino Colvera

Just 4 Grown Up's With Kino Colvera

Adults need their time to ask questions and seek answers! Why? When? Who?!! We all have questions but never find an answer that makes sense! Or we have something that we want to get off our chest but can't find an outlet! Well, you have been blessed! Just 4 Grown Up's is catered to your needs! We will let you ask, express, and let you get it out your chest! We will not judge you! We will give you our best advice and help you let your thoughts and how your heart really feels be released! With Host Kino Colvera, you will feel alot better you got it off your chest! Every Monday and Friday night's starting @7pm you have the opportunity to GET IT OFF YOUR CHEST and be reborn!

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