Gigi Hadid, Sports Illustrated model and television personality, had a frightening encounter with a stalker during the summer of 2015. Marcel Porter, her alleged stalker, stopped by her SoHo apartment numerous times and left numerous messages for her both there and on her Facebook page in the span of a month. In one of the messages left with Hadid’s doorman on June 25, 2015, Porter said, “I’m paramilitary and I saved her life before. She wants to marry me and have my kids.” Porter was arrested on June 29, 2015. Hadid put her apartment up for sale a few days later.



Vanessa Hudgens, singer and star of the High School Musical series, has a rare instance of a stalker story with a (relatively) happy ending. Alleged stalker Junior Kabongo bombarded the star with emails in which he said that he wanted to be a star and that he wanted to marry her. Other emails he sent to Hudgens contained language too graphic to divulge here. Kabongo’s pursuit of Hudgens allegedly culminated with him traveling from his home in Africa to Los Angeles to try and wed her. When confronted by police in late 2014, Kabongo claimed that he was not a stalker, and was apologetic for his behavior. He claimed that, because of cultural differences, he was not aware that he was behaving in a harassing or annoying manner. Hudgens dropped her charges against Kabongo when he signed an out-of-court document promising that he would leave her alone.



Rihanna has dealt with not one, but two stalkers. The first, Kevin Mcglynn, a homeless man, hand delivered many creepy notes to the singer’s SoHo apartment, which was recorded on surveillance video. On July 11, 2014, police were able to track him down after he dropped off his benefits card, which had his name and address on it. During his arraignment, Mcglynn claimed that Rihanna, along with Jay Z and Kanye West, stole song material from him. Rihanna’s other stalker remains at large at the time of this writing. Using social media, the unknown man has allegedly sent gun threats against the singer and posted a selfie taken outside Rihanna’s home on April 30, 2015. As of September 2015, police were still searching for the man, who posts under the names Alex Mercer and Ralph Alexander. That’s a long time to go without any closure.



America’s favorite donut-licker Ariana Grande has a stalker who may seem strange, but he’s not that funny. Beginning in 2014, Timothy Normandin, Grande’s alleged stalker, sent her various gifts, including a 42-pound pumpkin, candles, a $200 anklet, and a rock from the White Mountains in New Hampshire. He has also declared his undying love for Grande via social media, and he once showed up at her record company dressed in a Santa Claus costume, after which he was arrested and placed on psychiatric hold. Normandin has been arrested more than once for stalking the singer. He was also arrested when he appeared at her concert on March 14, 2015, in Uncasville, Connecticut.



Sandra Bullock had a frightening encounter with her alleged stalker, Joshua James Corbett, when he broke into her home. In April of 2015, Corbett appeared at the star’s home three nights in a row before breaking in while Bullock was there. Bullock hid in her closet as she called 911. After his arrest, police found that Corbett kept a notebook in which he referred to Bullock as his wife, declared his love for her, and kept notes of her home’s security measures, among other things. Corbett was also charged with possession of an arsenal of illegal weapons, which included machine guns, assault weapons, and tracer ammunition. Corbett plead not guilty to all charges.



Ashley Tisdale, singer and actress from the High School Musical series, got a little relief when her alleged stalker, Nicholas Fiore, was arrested on May 31, 2013. Fiore violated a restraining order by sending Tisdale over 18,000 tweets, some of which referenced guns and contained threatening language. Fiore also attempted to gain access to the star’s home at least twice, once dressed a delivery man. After his arrest, Fiore was hit with a criminal protective order, ordering him to stay 100 yards away from Tisdale for five years. Fiore served little jail time, but the judge did sentence him to one year of outpatient counseling and five years’ probation.



Jennifer Lawrence not only had to deal with a stalker, but her brother Blaine did as well. In April 2013, a Canadian man named Han Cong Zhao, originally using the alias ‘Ted,’ sent hundreds of texts and voicemails to Lawrence’s brother in an attempt to reach her. In the messages, Zhao declared himself her “husband for life.” When this method failed, Zhao flew from Vancouver to Louisville, where he asked the Indian Hills Police Department for Lawrence’s mother’s home address. The police interviewed Zhao for the following three hours, during which Zhao referred to himself as Jesus’ second coming. Police took Zhao into custody shortly thereafter. Zhao was taken into federal custody on May 7, 2013. The last report on Zhao from September 19, 2013 said that he was being held without bail.



Madonna had an absolutely terrifying encounter with a stalker named Robert Dewey Hoskins. In 1995, Hoskins invaded her California property several times and gave a note to her security team saying that he would slit her throat “from ear to ear” if she refused to marry him. Hoskins was shot and captured after he jumped the fence of her home on May 29, 1995. He was later sentenced to ten years in prison, which he served. After his sentence, he received treatment at a Metropolitan State Hospital, in Southern California, where he was later committed in 2011. He later escaped, but was fortunately apprehended in 2012.



Halle Berry has had to deal with at least two men who have threatened her life. First, Berry had to deal with Richard Franco, whom she first encountered on July 9, 2011, when he scaled the wall surrounding her home. He was later arrested July 11, after breaking into her home numerous times over the three days. Franco spent six months behind bars and was later sentenced to 386 days in jail, five years probation, and one year psychological counseling. Second, Berry’s life was threatened by Robert Dewey Hoskins. That’s right: the same Hoskins who threatened Madonna. The threats prompted Berry to consider moving herself and her family to France after his 2012 escape was reported.



Back when she was still Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus had a couple of run-ins with Mark McLeod. First in March 2009, McLeod travelled from his home in Georgia to a Manhattan book signing, where he said he was Cyrus’ number one fan. Then on June 22 of that year, the then 53-year-old McLeod attempted to breach security at a movie set where the teenaged Cyrus was filming. McLeod was not given a psychological examination and was released after one day due to jail overcrowding. He was then arrested again on August 4 for going back to the movie set, knocking on doors and asking if Cyrus was there. McLeod insisted that he and Cyrus were engaged. After pleading guilty, McLeod received two years probation and had to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. In a unique twist, he was also banished from Chatham County Georgia.



Selena Gomez had two rapid fire encounters with Che Cruz, her alleged stalker. Cruz was first arrested on March 30, 2014 for trespassing at Gomez’s Calabasas home, which he acknowledged. He received a sentence of 45 days and probation. Then just eight hours after Cruz’s release that Friday, April 4, 2014, he was once again arrested for jumping the fence at her home. Some people just don’t learn.



Taylor Swift almost had a frightening encounter with one Timothy Sweet back in 2014. Allegedly, Sweet had been harassing Swift since 2011, sending her emails, letters, and social media posts to profess his love to her, and one that, for some reason, threatened US Secretary of State John Kerry’s life. Another contained the message, “My wife, Taylor Swift (Sweet) and I live in Beverly Hills. I am in love with her. In conclusion, we treat each other with dignity and respect. I will carry a gun to protect her the rest of my life.” In of March 2014, a judge ordered that Sweet not come within 100 yards of Swift or her family for three years.



Former NSYNC frontman Justin Timberlake allegedly became the obsession of 48-year-old Karen J. McNeil back in 2009. McNeil harassed Timberlake for months and appeared at his house on at least three occasions, behaving more aggressively each time. In October of 2009, a judge ordered that she stay away from Timberlake, but she showed up at his house again. This time, she had a taxi full of her possessions, and she said that she would rule the world one day and wanted Timberlake to rule beside her. McNeil claimed that all of the charges brought against her were lies. Timberlake won a three-year restraining order against McNeil in November 2009.



Gwyneth Paltrow had to get a restraining order against a guy willing to traverse oceans to try and get at her. Paltrow first encountered Nickolaos Gavrilis in September 2012, and he was able to gain access to her London home by lying about a business appointment the two had. Gavrilis attempted this again in April 2013 but was unsuccessful. The family’s director of security, Tony Abbott, then tracked Gavrilis to a train station, where Gavrilis claimed that he had written the scripts to Iron Man and The Avengers and gave them to Paltrow 20 years prior, and he was seeking payment for them. And it didn’t end there. On April 4, 2014, Gavrilis allegedly attempted to gain entry to Paltrow’s Los Angeles home. Paltrow successfully gained a restraining order against Gavrilis, requiring that he stay 100 yards away from the actress and her family, including her ex-husband, Chris Martin.

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